Thermal Margaret Island Ensana Health Spa Hotel Budapest
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Thermal Margaret Island Ensana Health Spa Hotel

Margitsziget , 1007 Budapest, Hungary, Phone number: +36 1 889-4737, E-mail:

Rules of the house


1.    The swimming pool complex is open from 06:30 a.m. till 09:30 p.m. Those, who are not staying at the hotel, can enter till 8:30 p.m.  Discounted daily tickets are available on every wednesday and everyday after 7 p.m. All guests should leave the whole territory of the medical department by 09:30 p.m.! We wish to inform you that starting from the 8th of June 2011 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12 p.m. (noon) till 1.p.m. the thermal pools will be open only for Ladies. The swimming pool, the sun terrace pool, sauna, aroma cabin, steam bath, fitness centre are available without any limitation.

The complex can be visited with daily ticket or memberhip purchaced. In case of buying a  Premier Fitness memberhip the validity of it will start from the day of purchace or no later than 30 days from the date of purchase.

2.    After having bought a ticket or shown the season ticket you will get the following: - against deposit that cannot be money only a personal object - 1 key, 2 big terry towel, and a  small  one.  

3.    We kindly ask you to guard your locker key during your stay, otherwise we will charge you HUF 3.000,- for the change.

4.    There is a safety box at the cashier. The hotel does not take responsibility for any valuables placed in the lockers.

5.    The swimming pool has a maximum capacity of 81 persons. For full house – “first come first served” is applicable, whereas hotel guests have priority.

6.    The loss of the season ticket should be notified in writing and the hotel will replace the lost card within 15 days for 500 HUF.

7.    Before entering the swimming pool, please use the shower and the foot-disinfector. Please, wear swimdress in the pools. Sauna can be entered only after shower, without swimsuit or slippers. Please do not use the sauna-bench without towel!

8.    Please keep in mind the rules of Fitness Room while using same.

9.    Please have your meal and drink only at the appointed area by the Drink bar.

10.     It is PROHIBITED:
-    to smoke in the whole territory of the medical department,
-    to bring  along animals   in the whole territory of medical department,
-    to walk around in street-shoes in the swimming-pool area and in the fitness room,
-    to jump into the pools, to splash or to play any ball-game,
-    to allow children into the pool under the age of 2 years (due to hygienic reasons),  unless they wear special  bathing-napkin
-    children can enter the Spa territory with their parents.
-    to use the swimming pool in case of infectious skin-disease or open skin injury.

11.     We recommend using bathing cap.

12.     Please take care of the swimming-pool’s order and of each others’ physical condition.
13.    The violation of these regulations may result in withdrawing the season ticket and the hotel will not refund its price.

14.     Unfortunately, we cannot grant you any compensation for the period during which the wellness area is renewed, or maintained.

15.     Our sun-terrace is available from 1st of May till 30th of September weather permitting.

Margitsziget , 1007 Budapest, Hungary, Phone number: +36 1 889-4737
GPS Coordinates: N 47°32'1" E 19°3'10"

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