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Thermal Margaret Island Ensana Health Spa Hotel

Margitsziget , 1007 Budapest, Hungary, Phone number: +36 1 889-4737, E-mail:

Wellness treatments


This magical, pampering treatment uses a candle massage oil in a special ceramic pitcher designed especially for the light appliance of the oil which contains a variety of scents. Before the start of the treatment, guests are able to choose the appropriate fragrance to suit their mood. The solid palm oil turns liquid after being heated. The candle massage oil has a superb skin softening and protecting effect. By the end of the treatment, the skin becomes velvety-soft, flexible and pleasantly-scented, while the body is physically, energetically, and mentally recharged.
Time: 50 minutes – 20.000 HUF


This aroma cup contains argan oil and gold dust, which is lit and changes to liquid gold before your very eyes. Our guests are spoiled during the treatment with this heated "liquid gold", combined with sophisticated massage movements. The unique features of skin-nourishing argan oil are its 80% essential fatty acid and its high Vitamin E content. It increases oxygen supply to the skin, provides elasticity to the skin, regenerating and binding free radicals, and helps restore the skin's hydration. The soothing warmth and perfumed fragrance of the liquid gold is nothing short of enchanting. After using – just as if you had stepped out of Cleopatra's shrine - the skin becomes silky to the touch, bewitchingly attractive, golden shiny, and fragrant.
Time: 50 minutes – 21.000 HUF

Deluxe Massage
This is a massage with Swedish massage techniques to help enhance blood circulation and lymph flow, re-energising the body with a special aromatic blend of aroma oils (peppermint, rosemary, lemon oil, in hazelnut oil base).
Duration of treatment:  50 minutes 19.000 HUF

Dolce Vitae Massage
The treatment includes:  a Relaxing Aromatic Massage and Special Hot Towel massage. The basic massage is conducted with steady, gentle stroking movements, the primary goal of which is to relax the muscles.  This is continued afterwards with a hot  towel massage on the  neck, shoulders, upper arm and the entire back, resulting in a feeling of thorough and total relaxation.
Duration of treatment: 50 minutes 16.500 HUF

Relaxing Head and Neck Massage
This massage is performed with gentle slow movements of the hand. During the treatment the guest lies in a comfortable position. A relaxing massage technique is applied to the face with gentle pumping movements around the forehead, the nose, the eyes and the ears. This technique is also used on the nape/back of the neck and the neck.  Recommended for persons suffering from stress, or stiffness after long journeys or a day at the computer
Duration of treatment:  15 minutes 7 200 HUF

Traditional Dry Brush Massage
This massage uses stroking techniques applied in a special way with a brush of half bristles. It helps increase blood circulation in the skin and remove the dead skin cells from the upper skin layer, making the skin surface smoother and more receptive in preparation for certain nourishing skin packs. It is furthermore suitable for detoxification and cellulite treatments owing to its effect as a metabolism stimulator.
Duration of treatment: 20 minutes 8.000 HUF

Relaxation Aromatic Massage
The treatment is a slow massage with steady, stroking movements combined with a mix of effective oils gently absorbed through the skin (lavender, tangerine and orange flower in a hazelnut oil base).  These oils especially enhance the relaxation of the body and give a general feeling of well being.
Duration of treatment:  20 minutes 8.000 HUF

Bitter And Sweet Beer Bath
The beer bath is well known from the Middle Ages for its rejuvenating and regenerating effects. The bath is enriched with hop and grain extracts, high in vitamin B and the foam generated from the bath helps to pamper and revive the skin. Natural almond oil results in the skin becoming silky soft and fresh. The uniqueness of this treatment is in the fragrance of the oil which is sweet, but with a pleasant slight bitter twang. 
Time: 20 minutes. 7.000 HUF

Red Wine Bath With Anti – Cellulite Effect
Mixed to a pleasantly warm bubble bath of 34 °C, bath oil is added containing red wine and grape extracts. Different to the simple red wine bath which uses actual wine, this special oil creates a relaxing, pampering foam in the tub. The oil from the red grape is exceptionally high in natural anti – oxidants, helping to delay skin aging and improve skin elasticity. The treatment helps to regenerate, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, the oil’s special ingredients having an anti – cellulite influence.
Time:  20 minutes. 7.000 HUF

Revitalising or Relaxing Aroma Bath
The water effect is combined with revitalizing oils, the natural extracts of different plants. The following oils are used in this bath: rosemary, muscat sage, pine for revitalising and rose tree, orange flower, tangerine, lavender oil for relaxing bath . The treatment is followed by a 20 minute relaxation period.
Duration of treatment: 15 minutes. 7.000 HUF

Cleopatra Bath
Milk and honey are added to to the water , trace elements and vitamins. Furthermore honey is also known for its skin smoothing and antibacterial effect. The treatment is followed by a 20 minute relaxation period.
Duration of treatment: 20 minutes 7.000 HUF

Hot Towel Back Massage
The massage is carried out with two rolled-up towels soaked with hot water. It covers the neck, shoulders, upper arm and the entire back all the way down to the rump bone/sacrum with a continuous movement of the towel roll.   This makes a refreshing alternative to the standard massages, but also can be used in conjunction with other relaxation treatments.
Duration of treatment: 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes relaxation
7 200 HUF

Shiatsu Massage
The technique used during the treatment involves finger pressing, which relaxes, strengthens and looses tense muscles in the limbs and body. It give energie and the best advantage is that the relaxing effects are long lasting and deep.
Duration of treatment: 50 or 75 minutes 16.000 HUF or 20.000 HUF

Wellness Mud Wrap
The wellness mud pack is an excellent therapy for replenishing lost minerals from the body and cleaning out the pores of the skin.  During the treatment the capillaries of the skin enlarge releasing toxins that are washed away with the used mud at the end of the treatment.  Because of the gentle heat and chemical components of the mud it is a perfect therapy to combat stress, tiredness and nerve problems.  The warm mud is packed directly onto the skin and left for 20 minutes.  Its microelements have a ‘peeling’ effect, which removes dead skin, making it feel smooth and revived afterwards.
Duration of treatment: 20 minutes  9 900 HUF

Hot Stone Therapy
The invigorating fragrance of the ScenTao massage oil develops its Far-Eastern magic during the treatment and allows you to forget your daily cares. With every breath captivating aromas suffuse your body and mind.
The gentle pressure-point massage with smooth, heated lava stones moves along the meridians, the body's energy channels, creating a sense of total relaxation for the skin and the senses, and promoting harmony and renewed beauty.
The treatment continues with a shiatsu face massage and concludes with a soothing back massage.
Body treatments without face     18.000 HUF/ 50 minutes
Body-and face treatments           23.300 HUF/ 75 minutes


Margitsziget , 1007 Budapest, Hungary, Phone number: +36 1 889-4737
GPS Coordinates: N 47°32'1" E 19°3'10"

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